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PAPI Data Structures

Data Structures

struct  PAPI_all_thr_spec_t
struct  PAPI_sprofil_t
struct  PAPI_itimer_option_t
struct  PAPI_inherit_option_t
struct  PAPI_domain_option_t
struct  PAPI_granularity_option_t
struct  PAPI_preload_info_t
struct  PAPI_component_info_t
struct  PAPI_mpx_info_t
struct  PAPI_debug_option_t
struct  PAPI_address_map_t
 get the executable's address space info More...
struct  PAPI_exe_info_t
 get the executable's info More...
struct  PAPI_shlib_info_t
struct  PAPI_mh_tlb_info_t
struct  PAPI_mh_cache_info_t
struct  PAPI_mh_level_t
struct  PAPI_mh_info_t
 mh for mem hierarchy maybe? More...
struct  PAPI_hw_info_t
 Hardware info structure. More...
struct  PAPI_attach_option_t
struct  PAPI_cpu_option_t
struct  PAPI_multiplex_option_t
struct  PAPI_addr_range_option_t
 address range specification for range restricted counting if both are zero, range is disabled More...
struct  PAPI_dmem_info_t
 A pointer to the following is passed to PAPI_get_dmem_info() More...
struct  PAPI_os_info_t
union  PAPI_option_t
 A pointer to the following is passed to PAPI_set/get_opt() More...


 This structure is the event information that is exposed to the user through the API. More...

Detailed Description

Enumeration Type Documentation

anonymous enum

The same structure is used to describe both preset and native events. WARNING: This structure is very large. With current definitions, it is about 2660 bytes. Unlike previous versions of PAPI, which allocated an array of these structures within the library, this structure is carved from user space. It does not exist inside the library, and only one copy need ever exist. The basic philosophy is this:

  • each preset consists of a code, some descriptors, and an array of native events;
  • each native event consists of a code, and an array of register values;
  • fields are shared between preset and native events, and unused where not applicable;
  • To completely describe a preset event, the code must present all available information for that preset, and then walk the list of native events, retrieving and presenting information for each native event in turn. The various fields and their usage is discussed below.Enum values for event_info location field

Measures local to core


Measures local to CPU (HT?)


Measures local to package


Measures uncore

Definition at line 925 of file papi.h.

931  {