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PAPI_os_info_t Struct Reference

Data Fields

char name [PAPI_MAX_STR_LEN]
char version [PAPI_MAX_STR_LEN]
int os_version
int itimer_sig
int itimer_num
int itimer_ns
int itimer_res_ns
int clock_ticks
unsigned long reserved [8]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 424 of file papi_internal.h.

Field Documentation

int PAPI_os_info_t::clock_ticks

clock ticks per second

Definition at line 432 of file papi_internal.h.

int PAPI_os_info_t::itimer_ns

ns between mpx switching and overflow/profile emulation

Definition at line 430 of file papi_internal.h.

int PAPI_os_info_t::itimer_num

Number of the itimer used by mpx and overflow/profile emulation

Definition at line 429 of file papi_internal.h.

int PAPI_os_info_t::itimer_res_ns

ns of resolution of itimer

Definition at line 431 of file papi_internal.h.

int PAPI_os_info_t::itimer_sig

Signal used by the multiplex timer, 0 if not

Definition at line 428 of file papi_internal.h.

char PAPI_os_info_t::name[PAPI_MAX_STR_LEN]

Name of the operating system

Definition at line 425 of file papi_internal.h.

int PAPI_os_info_t::os_version

numerical, for workarounds

Definition at line 427 of file papi_internal.h.

unsigned long PAPI_os_info_t::reserved[8]

Definition at line 433 of file papi_internal.h.

char PAPI_os_info_t::version[PAPI_MAX_STR_LEN]

descriptive OS Version

Definition at line 426 of file papi_internal.h.

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