[Solved] Papi 5.1.1 on ARMv7l, Zero Counters

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[Solved] Papi 5.1.1 on ARMv7l, Zero Counters

Postby Marc_B » Tue Aug 06, 2013 1:08 pm

Hello everyone,

I need to use Papi on a ARMv7l architecture, the OS is "Linux 3.2.0-1000-highbank #142-Ubuntu".
I downloaded the last version ans compiled it without any errors.
However the 'make test' return me
test_utils.c FAILED
Line # 697
Error: Zero Counters Available! PAPI Won't like this!

I read that ubuntu may prevent access to those counters for non-root user, but being root does not change a thing.
Available components and hardware information.
PAPI Version :
Vendor string and code : ARM (7)
Model string and code : (0)
CPU Revision : 0.000000
CPU Max Megahertz : 547
CPU Min Megahertz : 547
Hdw Threads per core : 1
Cores per Socket : 4
CPUs per Node : 4
Total CPUs : 4
Running in a VM : no
Number Hardware Counters : 0
Max Multiplex Counters : 64

Compiled-in components:
Name: perf_events Linux perf_event CPU counters
\-> Disabled: sys_perf_event_open() failed, perf_event support for this platform may be broken

Active components:

component.c PASSED

Is there really a platform problem ? Or did I miss a step somewhere (which is likely^^)
Thank you for your help.


The problem have been solved by upgrading to Papi 5.2.0
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