[SOLVED] Makefile issue with 5.2.0 on CentOS

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[SOLVED] Makefile issue with 5.2.0 on CentOS

Postby tgmoore » Tue Nov 26, 2013 6:06 pm

Although my situation is probably unique, I thought I'd make a topic here so that I could get some feedback from those with more knowledge and insight and so that other users with similar situations might be able to find an answer or at least a starting point. I'm very new to PAPI and Make, so I apologize if this is a bad solution or if this isn't the place for this kind of communication.

Background information: I'm working on an operating systems project on a 16 node cluster. The goal of the project is to simulate a system which naively manages power consumption of the cluster under different workloads by pretending to power nodes on and off as needed. Our instructor told us to install any necessary programs on our own accounts to avoid the long turnaround time on tasks submitted to the system administrator. We intend to use PAPI to monitor the power usage of each node under different workloads.

Problem: A simple 'make' would fail upon reaching '.../components/perf_event_uncore/tests". Specifically, perf_event_amd_northbridge would fail to execute correctly while compiling perf_event_amd_northbridge.o with an undefined reference to '__kmpc_begin' and an undefined reference to '__kmpc_end'

Approach: I investigated the relevant make files and tracked down the definition for each variable until I discovered that a variable LFLAGS did not exist and was empty.

Solution: I added variable LFLAGS to .../components/perf_event_uncore/tests/Makefile and set it equal to '-openmp', giving the linker the appropriate information to find '__kmpc_begin' and '__kmpc_end'.

I assume there's an actual way to address this problem without editing make files through the configuration files, but I couldn't find a definition for LFLAGS anywhere.
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