PAPI 5.3.0 on BG/Q

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PAPI 5.3.0 on BG/Q

Postby papiu2014 » Tue Feb 18, 2014 3:50 pm

I installed papi 5.2.0 on BG/Q with the following configuration string:

./configure --prefix=/tmp/papi-5.3.0/bgqos_0 --with-OS=bgq --with-bgpm_installdir=/bgsys/drivers/ppcfloor CC=/bgsys/drivers/ppcfloor/comm/xl/bin/mpixlc_r F77=/bgsys/drivers/ppcfloor/comm/xl/bin/mpixlf2003_r --with-components="bgpm/L2unit bgpm/CNKunit bgpm/IOunit bgpm/NWunit"

After installation, I can see the following (a subset) of events when I run papi_xml_event_info:

However, if I try to monitor any of these events (prefixed by NWUnit), I get the following error from papi:
PAPI_ENOEVNT: Hardware event does not exist

How do I enable the NWUnit events in BGPM to count through papi? Or, how do I even verify that the BGPM components I mentioned during
the configuration step of papi are indeed enabled?

Will appreciate any help! Thank you!
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Re: PAPI 5.3.0 on BG/Q

Postby jagode00 » Fri Feb 21, 2014 3:28 pm

I tried to install papi 5.3.0 on mira using your configure line, but papi wouldn't even compile with your CC and F77 flag.
Hence, on mira I used the following configure line without problems:

./configure --prefix=$PWD/install --with-OS=bgq --with-bgpm_installdir=/bgsys/drivers/ppcfloor CC=/bgsys/drivers/ppcfloor/gnu-linux/bin/powerpc64-bgq-linux-gcc F77=/bgsys/drivers/ppcfloor/gnu-linux/bin/powerpc64-bgq-linux-gfortran --with-components="bgpm/L2unit bgpm/CNKunit bgpm/IOunit bgpm/NWunit"

More importantly, I can monitor the BGPM component events (specifically NW events) without problems:

Can you run the papi utility papi_command_line as follows?:

qsub -t 100 -n 1 --mode c1 -A <your account> <your path>/papi_command_line PEVT_NW_USER_PP_RECV PEVT_NW_CYCLES

That's what I get on mira:
Successfully added: PEVT_NW_USER_PP_RECV
Successfully added: PEVT_NW_CYCLES

PEVT_NW_CYCLES : 350941698

Verification: Checks for valid event name.
This utility lets you add events from the command line interface to see if they work.
command_line.c PASSED

Also, can you please run papi_native_avail and provide the output?

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