Error -19 at PAPI_set_multiplex

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Error -19 at PAPI_set_multiplex

Postby adiazpon » Sat Apr 17, 2010 12:25 pm

Hi, I'm having so much problems implementing multiplexing.

When I call PAPI_set_multiplex, I get Error -19, I've been looking in errors code table but I can't find what "-19" means. Before doing PAPI_set_multiplex i use multiplex_init.

Although I get this error, it worked like I don't use multiplexing, and when I try to add more events I get -8 error (PAPI_ECNFLCT).

The faqs sais that if you have -8 error you must use PAPI_set_multiplex for each event you add, if I do that i can add all events to the EventSet but then I have 2 problems: PAPI_set_multiplex returns -1 (Invalid argument) all the times, and all the events counters return 0 after starting and reading, even after computation.

Thanks a lot.
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