Another PAPI 3.7.x Release

Another PAPI 3.7.x Release

Postby Dan Terpstra » Sat Dec 05, 2009 4:57 pm

If you've been having trouble installing PAPI on the new Linux kernels (2.6.31 and 2.6.32) you might want to check out the new PAPI 3.7.2 release.

Thanks to an update error in the tarball, PAPI 3.7.1 did not have the promised automatic configuration support for the 2.6.31 kernel. While fixing that, we also added clean support for the 2.6.32 kernel and the name change from perf_counter to perf_event.

As with PAPI 3.7.1, if PAPI 3.7.0 is working fine for you, there’s no pressing reason to upgrade.

In addition to improved support for the new kernels, we also:
    fixed and updated some last level cache size issues on recent AMD and Intel processors,
    hardened some of the multiplexing tests so they won't fail as easily,
    and added a spec file for easier production of rpms.
As always, the release tarball is available at:
Dan Terpstra

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