Bugs in PAPI 4.0 with patch 3

Bugs in PAPI 4.0 with patch 3

Postby akintayo » Wed Jun 02, 2010 12:06 pm


I am having problems installing papi 4.0 on a Blue Gene/L. I haven't been able to fix the problem so far, but I think the code is broken. See below, it appears that the structure was modified and the code references part of the structure that is no longer there. This isn't the only problem with the code, but it seems a typical example. Has anyone been able to get this to work on the IBM BGL?


--- part of failing errors --
linux-bgl.c: In function `_papi_hwd_get_system_info':
linux-bgl.c:264: error: structure has no member named `sub_info'

--- code identfied in error message -- (linux-bgl.c)
_papi_hwi_system_info.sub_info.num_cntrs = BGL_PERFCTR_NUM_COUNTERS;
_papi_hwi_system_info.hw_info.mhz = (float) bgl.clockHz * 1.0e-6;
SUBDBG("Detected MHZ is %f\n",_papi_hwi_system_info.hw_info.mhz);
SUBDBG(("Successful return\n"));

--- variable declaration --- (linux-bgl.c)
extern papi_mdi_t _papi_hwi_system_info;
extern hwi_search_t *_papi_hwd_bgl_preset_map;

--- type definition -- (papi_internal.h)
typedef struct _papi_mdi {
DynamicArray_t global_eventset_map; /* Global structure to maintain int<->EventSet mapping */
pid_t pid; /* Process identifier */
/* PAPI_substrate_info_t sub_info; *//* See definition in papi.h */
PAPI_hw_info_t hw_info; /* See definition in papi.h */
PAPI_exe_info_t exe_info; /* See definition in papi.h */
/* PAPI_mpx_info_t mpx_info; */ /* See definition in papi.h */
PAPI_shlib_info_t shlib_info; /* See definition in papi.h */
PAPI_preload_info_t preload_info; /* See definition in papi.h */
} papi_mdi_t;
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