perf_event_uncore: problem adding events to eventset

perf_event_uncore: problem adding events to eventset

Postby butechno » Tue Jul 02, 2013 11:26 am

I am using the perf_event_uncore component on a SB EP.
I am trying to get TOR_OCCUPANY on the 8 cbo boxes, i.e., 8 events.
That is, snbep_unc_cbo0::UNC_C_TOR_OCCUPANCY,...,snbep_unc_cbo7::UNC_C_TOR_OCCUPANCY events.

To start I am modifying perf_event_uncore.c test code. I am able to add up to 5 of the 8 events to the EventSet, however when trying to add the 6th event using PAPI_add_event I get
retval= -1 (PAPI_EINVAL).

I realize that perf_event_uncore is not part of the PAPI release yet. I am new to this forum so
please let me know if I should post this question somewhere else.

Any help is highly appreciated! Thanks in advance.
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