PAPI on Microsoft windows

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PAPI on Microsoft windows

Postby saurabhcatch » Sun Jun 26, 2011 3:06 pm


I am trying to use papi to get access to CPU hw counters. Despite a lot of efforts I am not able to build/compile papi on windows. Can somebody provide step-by-step procedure (or a web link ) to install/build and then use papi on windows XP? Please help. I have tried building projects using visual c++ but it gives a lot of errors. Although I could build and run the winpmc.sys driver and testpmc vc++ project successfully. But winpapi VC++ project gives a lot of errors.

I am a google soc student working for tcl and I need to use papi in my project. Using papi on linux was very easy but with windows it seems to be difficult as I could not get any proper documentation.
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