PAPI_ENOTRUN and PAPI_EISRUN error messages when using O|SS

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PAPI_ENOTRUN and PAPI_EISRUN error messages when using O|SS

Postby jeg » Mon Aug 29, 2011 12:56 pm


When we use PAPI "under the hood" in Open|SpeedShop we get these errors. I've been patching the errors with our own patch, but now we have users that want to use their installed version of PAPI.
The performance data we gather seems to be correct but we get these messages. Have you seen these messages? Is this the result of not properly initializing PAPI or something along those lines?

Warning! PAPI x86_cache: must implement cpuid leaf 4
OpenSS_PAPIerror:OpenSS_Stop, -9 in 140412050170336: PAPI_ENOTRUN
OpenSS_PAPIerror:OpenSS_Start, -10 in 140412050170336: PAPI_EISRUN
OpenSS_PAPIerror:OpenSS_Stop, -9 in 139761662460384: PAPI_ENOTRUN
OpenSS_PAPIerror:OpenSS_Start, -10 in 139761662460384: PAPI_EISRUN
OpenSS_PAPIerror:OpenSS_Stop, -9 in 140241874186720: PAPI_ENOTRUN
OpenSS_PAPIerror:OpenSS_Start, -10 in 140241874186720: PAPI_EISRUN
OpenSS_PAPIerror:OpenSS_Stop, -9 in 140565292929504: PAPI_ENOTRUN
OpenSS_PAPIerror:OpenSS_Start, -10 in 140565292929504: PAPI_EISRUN

Any help will be appreciated.

We've been seeing this for all the versions of papi 4.0.0 -> 4.1.3, so it seems it is something we (O|SS) is doing incorrectly in our interface with PAPI.

Jim G
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Re: PAPI_ENOTRUN and PAPI_EISRUN error messages when using O

Postby danterpstra » Mon Aug 29, 2011 1:05 pm

Jim -
These errors typically occur when you try to start an eventset that's already running (EISRUN) or stop an eventset that is already stopped(ENOTRUN).
They're benign errors and generally don't cause other problems. If you want to avoid them, you could call PAPI_state() first and then conditionally call stop or start.
Hope this helps,
- dan

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