Is PAPI available on i5-750?

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Is PAPI available on i5-750?

Postby Zero » Wed Jun 23, 2010 4:23 am


I want to buy a new computer for my study and in the past I needed PAPI a lot of times. I'm sure that I will also need it in the future and so it is absolutly necessary to use a processor which is supported.

I read on the Homepage that Nehalem is supported but before I buy a computer with an Intel i5-750 and than find out that it doesn't work I ask if anyone has experience with the use of PAPI on this system.
A little bit confusing is that in the news about the new releases the support of Nehalem is explicitly mentioned but not at the supported platforms.

Thanks, Michael
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Re: Is PAPI available on i5-750?

Postby danterpstra » Wed Jun 23, 2010 2:35 pm

We haven't explicitly tested on an i5, so can't guarantee that it'll work.
If you've ever tried to figure out Intel's naming schemes, you'll realize just how confusing things can get! An i5 is an instance of wither the Nehalem or Westmere technology platforms. The main thing needed for PAPI to work properly is that it and the underlying drivers recognize the family and model codes returned by the processor. If you google for the Intel System Developers Guide, Volume 3B, you'll discover that the i5 shares these codes with the i7, which is Nehalem.
As always, caveat emptor.
- dan

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