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PAPI 4.4.0 with Blue Gene Q support

The PAPI 4.4.0 release is now available for download.
The title says it all -- or almost.

This is a major release of PAPI-C. Not because it breaks compatibility with previous versions. It doesn't. But because it adds support for IBM's latest Blue Gene machine, the BG/Q. That may not matter to most of our users, but to those for whom it matters, it matters a lot.

This effort is the product of a three year collaborative development effort between IBM and the performance tools community. They are to be commended for spear-heading this effort to get it right.

You may notice that we bumped the release version from 4.2.1 to 4.4.0. Because we could. And because it helps Cray, another one of our development partners, keep their versioning consistent. You didn't miss 4.3. We just skipped it.

In addition to the new BG/Q support, we have incorporated a handful of bug fixes, code clean-ups and library updates.

And oh, by the way, this is the first release from our git repository. We think we got it right, but let us know if you see any anomalies.

Bug fixes include:

  * Fix buffer overrun in lmsensors component 
  * libpfm4: Update to current git libpfm4 snapshot
  * Fix broken Pentium 4 Prescott support we were missing the netbusrt_p
    declaration in papi_events.csv
  * Fix various locking issues in the threaded code.
  * Fix multiplexing of large eventsets on perf_events systems.
    This presented when using more than 31 multiplexed events on perf_event 

'Git' thee behind us, CVS!

Sorry for the bad pun.
We wanted to get your attention to announce a good change.
PAPI has made the switch from the venerable CVS source code repository to Linus Torvalds wonderful new git source code repository. To learn more about using git with PAPI, check out the new git section of our FAQ.

PAPI 4.2.1 Now Available

See the software page for details and to download the tarball.

PAPI 4.2.0 is now available

See the software page for details and to download the tarball.

PAPI 4.1.3 Update

We had a minor mishap with yesterday's PAPI 4.1.3 tarball. A few changes were inadvertently ommitted. A new tarball was uploaded to the software page at 3:30 ET today (Friday). If you downloaded PAPI 4.1.3 yesterday or this morning, you may want to download a new copy.


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Displaying 11-15 of 64 Entries
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