Support for Intel Core i7 (Nehalem)

PAPI now supports Intel's new Core i7 (Nehalem) processor. To download the development version of PAPI with this support use cvs as described in this FAQ.

Although not yet part of an official release, PAPI has been tested on Nehalem with the perfctr 2.6.37 kernel patch. Testing has not yet been completed against the perfmon kernel patch. This is considered a development release. Most tests pass, including the majority of overflow and profiling tests. The Nehalem has 7 counters per core; 3 fixed and 4 general purpose. In addition, another 8 counters are provided on-chip to support "Uncore" events. Unfortunately, these counters are not currently supported by PAPI. 117 native events are available to PAPI users, along with 28 PRESET events. These have not been thoroughly tested. Please report any problems or observations to the PAPI mailing list.

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