PAPI Patches

In order to help keep PAPI releases current, we're trying something different. PAPI patches will be made available periodically to help keep the most recent release up-to-date and bug free.

Visit the Software page to read about and download the first of the patches for PAPI 4.0.0.

You've heard it said that the only bug free software is stuff that nobody uses. That's certainly proven to be true for PAPI. In the 10 days that PAPI 4.0.0 has been released, several issues have been identified by our users.

In order to make the solutions to those issues available to the user community in a timely manner, we've decided to issue a series of periodic patches that can be applied to the PAPI 4.0.0 release to bring it up to date. These patches will be cumulative, so applying the latest patch should resolve all the known issues to that point.

The first of these patches is now available for download on the PAPI Software page. More will be released periodically as the situation warrants.

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