PAPI 4.1.0 Now Available
The PAPI 4.1.0 release is now available for download. It incorporates all the fixes from the 4.0 patches, as well as a few other goodies. See the software page to download the tarball.
New platform support includes Intel's Nehalem EX and Westmere processors.
Support for IBM Blue Gene / P has been improved to include the PAPI_TOT_CYC event.
This release includes significant code cleanup to eliminate compiler warnings and type inconsistencies and to eliminate memory leaks.
We also now support embedded doxygen comments for documentation. Doxygen documentation can be found here.
The component build environment has been restructured to make it easier to add and build components without modifying baseline PAPI code. See the /src/components/README file for details.
PAPI can now also be built with a generic cpu option. This is useful in cases where you have an older unpatched kernel and want to test other components, or if you want to build instrumented code on a platform other than the test platform to verify proper compilation. This takes the place of PAPI's old "any-null" substrate build.
We have added experimental implementations of an Infiniband and a Lustre component. We have also added an example component to illustrate and template component coding.

For a summary of changes, read the PAPI 4.1.0  Release Notes.

And for installation instructions read the Installation Notes.


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