PAPI 4.1.1 Now Available

The PAPI 4.1.1 release is now available for download. This is a minor release of PAPI-C. It addresses a number of bugs and other issues that have surfaced since the 4.1.0 release. See the software page to download the tarball.

This version fixes an issue in which 'make clean' would go into an infinite loop searching for the doc directory. It also implements a better mechanism for insuring that threads in linux kernels get their own interrupts for perf_events. Various features are now enabled or disabled at runtime based on kernel versioning, and support for the perf-counter interface in linux kernel 2.6.31 has been deprecated in favor of the perf-events interface in kernel 2.6.32 and above.

Support for the perf-events interface built into recent linux kernels has been strengthened and broadened.

In addition a number of corner cases in the test code have been examined and addressed. A WARNING state was implemented for the tests, to allow information to be provided without actually FAILing the test.

For a summary of changes, read the PAPI 4.1.1  Release Notes.

And for installation instructions read the Installation Notes.

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