PAPI 4.1.3 Now Available

The PAPI 4.1.3 release is now available for download. This is a minor release of PAPI-C. It addresses a number of bugs and other issues that have surfaced since the 4.1.2 release. See the software page to download the tarball.


This version:

* adds support for AMD Family 15h (Interlagos) processors;
* adds an NVIDIA CUDA component (pending release of CUDA 4.0);
* adds support for POWER7/AIX.

There are a number of other enhancements and bug fixes included in this version, along with some caveats and known bugs. These are outlined in more detail in the PAPI 4.1.3  Release Notes.

This version bump is a recommended upgrade for anyone using PAPI, but if you aren't seeing any problems with your current installation, it is not required.

For installation instructions read the Installation Notes.

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