Minor Release, Major Impact

PAPI 5.0.1 is now available both as a tarball and as a patch to the recent 5.0.0 release. We recommend that all users and tools upgrade to this release.

Why, you may ask, are we releasing again so soon after the 5.0 release?

Primarily because we discovered a bug that randomly causes derived PRESET events to be computed incorrectly. This is a small fix with big implications, and was reported by an early PAPI 5.0 user in our bug reports forum. Thank you for helping to improve our package.


While we were at it, we decided to polish a few other less important things as well:

  • we updated the libpfm4 library with some Sandy Bridge fixes
  • we fixed some problems with the build system and external libpfm4 libraries
  • we fixed some event definitions for Intel Ivy Bridge processors
  • we updated the CUDA component to support CUDA 5 and Kepler
  • we added support for RAPL energy measurement on Ivy Bridge

If you've already installed PAPI 5.0.0, you can download a patch here and apply it to your source code and rebuild the library.

If you'd rather install from a tarball you can download it here.


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