PAPI 5.1.0 Ready for Download

Well, it's really PAPI, but who's counting?
A few final last minute fixes caused us to bump the version number, just to keep the source code repository happy.

We added support for PAPI on the Intel Xeon Phi processor, aka MIC or KNC or Knight's Corner. PAPI cross-compiles on the host and runs on the MIC. Note that this currently requires a kernel patch to the MIC kernel. Details can be found in INSTALL.txt.

We also added a new component to measure power usage on MIC cards. This is a host-based component that provides a selection of power, current and voltage measures.

PAPI now supports measuring uncore events on Intel Sandy Bridge processors, which requires support for a new domain: PAPI_DOM_SUPERVISOR to measure events at the system level.

We added a new API, PAPI_get_eventset_component, which returns the component index of a given eventset and is parallel to the PAPI_get_event_component call introduced in PAPI 5.0.

We improved the papi_command_line utility to print output in a variety of formats, and to display event units if they're available.

Other changes and enhancements include:

  • Various build system fixes.
  • NVML component fixes.
  • ARM Cortex A15 support.
  • Enhanced doxygen formatting for html pages.
  • and a host of miscellaneous bug fixes.

Go to the Software page to download PAPI 5.1, and as always, please contact us through the mailing list or User Forum if you have any questions or complaints about this release.

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