PAPI 5.1.1 is Here

PAPI 5.1.1, a new incremental release of PAPI is now ready for download.

The main reason for this release was to add support for Intel IvyBridge EP.


But while we were at it we couldn't resist throwing in a few more things including:

  • build fixes for SPARC and IA64
  • assorted perf_event fixes, including support for perf_event_paranoid = 2
  • CUDA component fixes to eventset ordering
  • ARM support for pthread_mutexes
  • better overflow support for BG/Q components
  • tighter logic in the execution of the script

As always, you can get more details on these changes in the Change Log.

Go to the Software page to download PAPI 5.1.1, and as always, please contact us through the mailing list or User Forum if you have any questions or complaints about this release.

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