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PaRSEC / DPLASMA 1.1.0 is now out

Visit the software section for more info !

And again @ ZDNet

Being cited twice in the same week as one possible path to exascale doesn't happen that often. Here is our second mention this week @ ZDNet.


PaRSEC made it into the news @ HPCwire

PaRSEC 1.0.0 is out !

The PaRSEC / DPLASMA team is pleased to announce the release of PaRSEC version 1.0.0. This release is the first in the row and includes the PaRSEC software as well as the DPLASMA dense linear algebra layer. We strongly recomend that all users of previous versions upgrade to 1.0.0 as soon as possible. Enjoy!

PaRSEC at SC'12

The PaRSEC team will be represented at SC'12. George Bosilca will give an invited talk at the SCALA workshop on Sunday November 11th at 9AM, and will co-present a talk with Piotr Luszczek on "The many-task revolution: alternative programming paradigms for novel architectures" at the INRIA Booth, on Tuesday November 13th, at 3pm.

The DPLASMA / PaRSEC SC'12 handouts are now available for download.

Displaying 6-10 of 13 Entries
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