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Postby piyusch » Mon Nov 21, 2011 9:23 pm


I'm trying to run Plasma_zhetrd_tile, but I'm not sure how to initialize the desc T ? If i call PLASMA_Alloc_Workspace_zheev, I get segmentation fault :( .
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int cores =8;
int INFO;
        INFO = PLASMA_Init(cores);
   PLASMA_enum jobz=PlasmaNoVec;
   PLASMA_enum uplo=PlasmaLower;

   double *D,*E,*DT;

   D = (double *) malloc(n * sizeof(double));
   E = (double *) malloc((n-1) * sizeof(double));
   PLASMA_Alloc_Workspace_zheev(n, n, descT);
   PLASMA_desc descQ;
   PLASMA_zhetrd_Tile(jobz, uplo,&Ain, D, E, *descT, &descQ);

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