PLASMA 2.4.2 Release

PLASMA 2.4.2 has been released.

This package contains:

  • New version of quark removing active waiting and allowing user to bind tasks to set of cores.
  • Installer: Fix compatibility issues between plasma-installer and PGI compiler reported on Kraken by A. Bouteiller.
  • Fix one memory leak with Hwloc.
  • Introduce a new kernel for the recursive LU operation on tile layout which reduces cache misses.
  • Fix several bugs and introduce new features thanks to people from Fujitsu and NAG :
    • The new LU factorization with partial pivoting introduced in release 2.4 is now working on rectangular matrices.
    • Add missing functions to Fortran 77 interface.
    • Add a new Fortran 90 interface to all LAPACK and Tile interface. Asynchronous interface and mixed precision routines are not available yet.
    • Fix arguments order in header files to fit implementation.

All files are available for download in the Software section of the PLASMA site.

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