PLASMA source code version 2.5.2

Source code for PLASMA libraries.

We strongly recommend to use the plasma installer, which will automatically download this package and install all other dependencies if required.

This package contains the following updates:

  • Add -m and -n options to timing routines to define matrix size without using ranges
  • Fix a minor bug that appears when combining muti-threaded tasks with thread-masks in Quark. Previously, the thread mask was not respected when the tasks of the multi-threaded task were being assigned to threads.
  • Fix illegal division by 0 that occured when matrix size was smaller than the tile size during inplace layout translation. See
  • Fix the QUARK_REGION bug that was limiting performance of QR/LQ factorization in the last release.
  • Fix illegal division by 0 when first numa node detected by HwLoc is empty. Thanks to Jim for those two bug reports, see
  • Fix integer size that was creating overflow in tile pointers computation. Thanks to SGI for the bug report.

For further details, view ReleaseNotes.

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