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Author(s) PAPI team
Version PAPI current
Last modified 2011/12/08
Author support Yes
Component overview Provides access to hardware counters inside NVIDIA GPUs through the CUDA / CUPTI interface
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The CUDA component is a hardware performance counter measurement technology for the NVIDIA CUDA platform which provides access to the hardware counters inside the GPU. PAPI CUDA is based on CUPTI support - shipped with CUDA 4.0rc - in the NVIDIA driver library. In any environment where the CUPTI-enabled driver is installed, the PAPI CUDA component can provide detailed performance counter information regarding the execution of GPU kernels.


Use the "Download tarball" link on the provided page to download a tarball of the source code folder to your computer. Untar the folder and place it in the components directory of your PAPI source tree. Configure using "--with-components=cuda". Rebuild PAPI.


Use as directed :)

Supported Platforms

Linux platforms with CUDA 4.0 or greater and NVIDIA GPU cards installed.