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|Author=PAPI team
|Author=PAPI team
|Version=PAPI current
|Version=PAPI current
|Last modified=2011/03/11
|Last modified=2011/11/07
|Author support=Yes
|Author support=Yes
|Component overview=Access hardware temperature sensors on FreeBSD
|Component overview=Access hardware temperature sensors on FreeBSD

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Coretemp freebsd
Author(s) PAPI team
Version PAPI current
Last modified 2011/11/07
Author support Yes
Component overview Access hardware temperature sensors on FreeBSD
Source Code



The CoreTemp_FreeBSD component is one of several components bundled with PAPI. It accesses hardware monitoring sensors through the coretemp sysctl interface. This is an Intel only feature that works by reading the IA32_THERM_STATUS msr (abstracted by sysctl ). Temperatures are reported in tenths of a degree kelvin. It is distributed with the PAPI tarball, or can be downloaded independently using the provided link.


Use the "Download tarball" link on the provided page to download a tarball of the source code folder to your computer. Untar the folder and place it in the components directory of your PAPI source tree. Configure using "--with-component=coretemp_freebsd". Rebuild PAPI.


Use as directed.

Supported Platforms

FreeBSD running on most Intel processors