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Component Categories

Components can be assigned to one or more categories. The currently defined categories are listed above the table of all components on the Main Page. Click on any of these category names to display a page containing components assigned to that category. When displaying a specific component page, the categories to which it belongs are displayed at the bottom of the page. You can click on any of these tags to see other components assigned to the same category.

Assigning a Component to a Category

If you have editing privileges, you can assign components to categories by editing the script for a given component page. All components are assigned automagically to the "All Components" category. If you want to place a component in another category, edit the component page and scroll to the bottom of the script. There you will usually find instructions on how to add category tags. A component tag looks like this:


Creating a New Category

To create a new category page (assuming you have editing privileges), edit the Component Categories section of the Main Page. Add a new line to the list of current category pages, something like this:

[[:Category:MyCategory|MyCategory]] | 

Substitute the name of the new category for MyCategory. Make sure to put a "|" at the end unless this is the last entry.

To make the new category page display with the same format as existing pages, return to the Main Page and click the new Category title, which will be displayed in red, indicating the page does not yet exist. You will be presented with an editing page and the following message:

You have followed a link to a page that does not exist yet. To create the page, start typing in the box below.

Paste the following script into the edit box and change MyCategory to the name of your new category. Save the edit.

{{#ask: [[Category:MyCategory]]
| ?Author
| ?version
| ?Author support
| ?Component overview

More About MediaWiki Categories

You can learn more about MediaWiki Categories here.