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please fill the text Author

  • the above text is content automatically generated for a new page. It must come from a template. I wonder where it's defined. I can auto fill it from author's property but I wanted to leave it blank just in case there are coauthors who are unregistered.

  • Added an ACPI component just to try adding default PAPI components and I noticed a few things:
    • The version in this case is the current PAPI version. I don't want to update that when we release a new version, so I entered "current" this flags as "not a number". Some versions might also have letters in them. Can we relax this numeric restriction?
    • I'm linking to the PAPI CVS Viewer directory for this code. The info box says "Link to File". It might be better if it was labelled as URL: and then showed the actual url text.
    • I added a new category: System Health. It shows up as red. What needs to happen to actually make that page work?
      • BTW, I also added it to the main page, but after adding it to this component.
  • Can we change "All Contributions" to "All Components" both in the template and wherever it appears?