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Components for PAPI-C generally consist of a named folder containing source files and various other support files. For more details on creating a component of your own, see the documentation here and examples of other components distributed with PAPI here.

If you want to view information about other available components, click one of the component names at the bottom of this page.

Add a Component

You must be logged into a pre-approved account to add or edit component information.
To contribute a component that you've written, enter a descriptive name for your component in the box below, and press the button. This will become the name of the page that describes your component. If that page already exists, you will be directed to a form to edit that page.

For an illustration of what your Component page will look like, visit the Component Example page or other Component pages.

Components by Category

All Component Contributions

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Last modified on Component overview
CUDA Provides access to hardware counters inside NVIDIA GPUs through the CUDA / CUPTI interface
Component Example This is a short description of what your component does.
CoreTemp Access hardware sensors through the coretemp sysf interface
Coretemp freebsd Access hardware temperature sensors on FreeBSD
Example Example component code with 3 counters
Infiniband Infiniband Network Component
Lm-sensors Component interface for lm-sensors system health measurement
Lustre Measure performance data on a Lustre filesystem
Vmware Provides access to counters provided by VMware's Guest SDK as well as optional virtual timing counters.

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