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About Components

A PAPI Component is a generally small piece of code that plugs into the PAPI framework to provide extra performance monitoring capability. The Repository is a place where component developers can share their work, and Component users can look for additional functionality. For more details on creating a component of your own, see the documentation here and examples of other components distributed with PAPI here.

About the Component Repository

The Repository has a deliberately simple interface, consisting of a Main Page and a series of Component Pages, like this one. this one. You can create a component page of your own by following the instructions on the Main Page. You can also browse the list of components at the bottom of the page to learn more about individual component contributions.

User Accounts

If you want to contribute a component of your own, you need to create an administrator approved user account. Once you have an account and password, you will be able to create and modify your own components, and edit the content of other pages. We will also be able to keep track of your activity, just to keep everybody playing nicely together.

Please refer to the PAPI website for details about PAPI.