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Author(s) PAPI team
Version PAPI current
Last modified 2012/01/30
Author support Yes
Component overview Provides access to counters provided by VMware's Guest SDK as well as optional virtual timing counters.
Source Code



The VMware component is a software component that leverages the use of VMware's Guest SDK to access counters and statistics about the VM from within the guest operating system. Also included is the optional ability to activate timing counters given certain caveats.


Use the "Download tarball" link on the provided page to download a tarball of the source code folder to your computer. Untar the folder and place it in the components directory of your PAPI source tree. Configure following the instructions in the included documentation and using "--with-components=vmware". Rebuild PAPI.


Use as directed. Caveat Emptor.

Supported Platforms

Linux virtual machine platforms with VMware Guest SDK installed.