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PAPI Reference

Welcome to the PAPI Reference. Here you can find links to documentation for PAPI-C, or Component PAPI, and the now deprecated Classic PAPI implementation (PAPI 3.7.2) and PAPI-C. This documentation is a work in progress. If you'd like to participate in keeping this documentation fresh and accurate, contact us to be added as an editor.


Overview of PAPI-C

A general overview of the PAPI-C library with a discussion of all major features and functionality. Includes usage examples and links to other useful information.

PAPI-C Programmer's Reference (Man Pages)

A technical reference for programmers of PAPI 4.x and higher, providing detailed information on each call in the Component PAPI library, including calling sequences and examples.

Component Development Interface (CDI) Reference

This technical reference documents the interface exported by a PAPI-C Component to the platform independent Framework. It serves as a development guide for production of new components. It is a work in progress. Please pardon our dust.