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  • PAPI_get_dmem_info - get information about the dynamic memory usage of the current program


C Interface

#include <papi.h>
int PAPI_get_dmem_info(PAPI_dmem_info_t * dmem );

Fortran Interface

#include fpapi.h
PAPIF_get_dmem_info(C_LONG_LONG(*)  dmem,  C_INT  check )


In C, this function takes a pointer to a PAPI_dmem_info_t structure and returns with the structure fields filled in. In Fortran, this function takes a pointer to an array of long_long values and fills in the array on return. A value of PAPI_EINVAL in any field indicates an undefined parameter.


dmem -- Structure (C) or array (Fortran) containing the following values (Fortran values can be accessed using the specified indices):

peak [PAPIF_DMEM_VMPEAK] (Peak size of process image, may be 0 on older Linux systems),

size [PAPIF_DMEM_VMSIZE] (Size of process image),

resident [PAPIF_DMEM_RESIDENT] (Resident set size),

high_water_mark [PAPIF_DMEM_HIGH_WATER] (High water memory usage),

shared [PAPIF_DMEM_SHARED] (Shared memory),

text [PAPIF_DMEM_TEXT] (Memory allocated to code),

library [PAPIF_DMEM_LIBRARY] (Memory allocated to libraries),

heap [PAPIF_DMEM_HEAP] (Size of the heap),

locked [PAPIF_DMEM_LOCKED] (Locked memory),

stack [PAPIF_DMEM_STACK] (Size of the stack)

pagesize [PAPIF_DMEM_PAGESIZE] (Size of a page in bytes),

pte [PAPIF_DMEM_PTE] (Size of page table entries, may be 0 on older Linux systems)


PAPI_ESBSTR The funtion is not implemented for the current substrate.

PAPI_EINVAL Any value in the structure or array may be undefined as indicated by this error value.

PAPI_SYS A system error occured.


If called before the behavior of the routine is undefined.


This function is currently implemented only for the Linux operating system.


 int retval;
PAPI_dmem_info_t dmem;
retval = PAPI_library_init(PAPI_VER_CURRENT);
if (retval != PAPI_VER_CURRENT)
printf("Peak Mem Size:\t\t%lld\n",dmem.peak);
printf("Mem Size:\t\t%lld\n",dmem.size);
printf("Mem Resident:\t\t%lld\n",dmem.resident);
printf("Peak Resident:\t%lld\n",dmem.high_water_mark);
printf("Mem Shared:\t\t%lld\n",dmem.shared);
printf("Mem Text:\t\t%lld\n",dmem.text);
printf("Mem Library:\t\t%lld\n",dmem.library);
printf("Mem Heap:\t\t%lld\n",dmem.heap);
printf("Mem Locked:\t\t%lld\n",dmem.locked);
printf("Mem Stack:\t\t%lld\n",dmem.stack);
printf("Mem Pagesize:\t\t%lld\n",dmem.pagesize);
printf("Mem Page Eable Entries:\t\t%lld\n",dmem.pte);

See Also

PAPI_get_executable_info(3), PAPI_get_hardware_info(3), PAPI_get_opt(3), PAPI_library_init(3)