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  • papi_cost - computes execution time costs for basic PAPI operations.


papi_cost [-dhs] [-b bins] [-t threshold]


papi_cost is a PAPI utility program that computes the min / max / mean / std. deviation of execution times for PAPI start/stop pairs and for PAPI reads. This information provides the basic operating cost to a user's program for collecting hardware counter data. Command line options control display capabilities.


-b <bins> Define the number of bins into which the results are partitioned for display. The default is 100.
-d Display a graphical distribution of costs in a vertical histogram.
-h Display help information about this utility.
-s Show the number of iterations in each of the first 10 standard deviations above the mean.
-t <threshold> Set the threshold for the number of iterations to measure costs. The default is 100,000.


There are no known bugs in this utility. If you find a bug, it should be reported to the PAPI Mailing List at <>.

See Also

papi_event_chooser(1), papi_mem_info(1), papi_native_avail(1), papi_xml_event_info(1), PAPI(3), papi_avail(1), papi_clockres(1), papi_command_line(1)