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  • papi_decode - provides availability and detail information for PAPI preset events.


papi_decode [-ah]


papi_decode is a PAPI utility program that converts the PAPI presets for the existing library into a comma separated value format that can then be viewed or modified in spreadsheet applications or text editors, and can be supplied to PAPI_encode_events (3) as a way of adding or modifying event definitions for specialized applications. The format for the csv output consists of a line of field names, followed by a blank line, followed by one line of comma separated values for each event contained in the preset table. A portion of this output (for Pentium 4) is shown below:
PAPI_L1_ICM,NOT_DERIVED,,"L1I cache misses","Level 1 instruction cache misses",,BPU_fetch_request_TCMISS
PAPI_L2_TCM,NOT_DERIVED,,"L2 cache misses","Level 2 cache misses",,BSQ_cache_reference_RD_2ndL_MISS_WR_2ndL_MISS
PAPI_TLB_DM,NOT_DERIVED,,"Data TLB misses","Data translation lookaside buffer misses",,page_walk_type_DTMISS


-a Convert only the available PAPI preset events.
-h Display help information about this utility.


There are no known bugs in this utility. If you find a bug, it should be reported to the PAPI Mailing List at <>.

See Also

papi_event_chooser(1), papi_mem_info(1), papi_native_avail(1), PAPI(3), papi_avail(1), papi_clockres(1), papi_command_line(1), papi_cost(1)