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  • papi_native_avail - provides detailed information for PAPI native events.


papi_native_avail [options]


papi_native_avail is a PAPI utility program that reports information about the native events available on the current platform. A native event is an event specific to a given hardware platform. Some platforms support special features for certain events. Those events can be determined by applying filters to the list. On many platforms, native events may have optional settings, or unit masks. In such cases, the native event and each unit mask is presented. For each native event, a name, a description, and the PAPI event code are provided.


General command options:

-d, --detail Display detailed information about native events.
-e <event> Display detailed event information for the named native event.
-h, --help Display help information about this utility.

Event filtering and display options:

(These options may not be present, depending on the architecture. Use --help to confirm availability.)

--darr Display events supporting Data Address Range Restriction.
--dear Display Data Event Address Register events only.
--iarr Display events supporting Instruction Address Range Restriction.
--iear Display Instruction Event Address Register events only.
--opcm Display events supporting OpCode Matching.
--nomasks Suppress display of Unit Mask information.
--nogroups Suppress display of Event grouping information.


There are no known bugs in this utility. If you find a bug, it should be reported to the PAPI Mailing List at <>.

See Also

papi_event_chooser(1), papi_mem_info(1), papi_native_avail(1), papi_xml_event_info(1), PAPI(3), papi_avail(1), papi_clockres(1), papi_command_line(1), papi_cost(1)