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  • PAPI_enum_event - enumerate PAPI preset or native events


C Interface

#include <papi.h>
int PAPI_enum_event(int  *EventCode, int  modifer );

Fortran Interface

#include fpapi.h
PAPIF_enum_event(C_INT  EventCode,  C_INT  modifier,  C_INT  check )


Given a preset or native event code, PAPI_enum_event() replaces the event code with the next available event in either the preset or native table. The modifier argument affects which events are returned. For all platforms and event types, a value of PAPI_ENUM_ALL (zero) directs the function to return all possible events. For preset events, a TRUE (non-zero) value currently directs the function to return event codes only for PAPI preset events available on this platform. This may change in the future. For native events, the effect of the modifier argument is different on each platform. See the discussion below for platform-specific definitions.


EventCode -- a defined preset or native event such as PAPI_TOT_INS.

modifier -- modifies the search logic. For preset events, TRUE specifies available events only. For native events, each platform behaves differently. See platform-specific documentation for details


PAPI_ENOEVNT The next requested PAPI preset or native event is not available on the underlying hardware.


/* Scan for all supported native events on this platform */
printf("Name\t\t\t       Code\t   Description\n");
do {
retval = PAPI_get_event_info(i, &info);
if (retval == PAPI_OK) {
printf("%-30s 0x%-10x\n%s\n", info.symbol, info.event_code, info.long_descr);
} while (PAPI_enum_event(&i, PAPI_ENUM_ALL) == PAPI_OK);


This function has no known bugs.


The following values are implemented for modifier on Pentium 4: PAPI_PENT4_ENUM_GROUPS - 45 groups + custom + user event types PAPI_PENT4_ENUM_COMBOS - all combinations of mask bits for given group PAPI_PENT4_ENUM_BITS - all individual bits for a given group


The following values are implemented for modifier on Itanium: PAPI_ITA_ENUM_IARR - Enumerate IAR (instruction address ranging) events PAPI_ITA_ENUM_DARR - Enumerate DAR (data address ranging) events PAPI_ITA_ENUM_OPCM - Enumerate OPC (opcode matching) events PAPI_ITA_ENUM_IEAR - Enumerate IEAR (instr event address register) events PAPI_ITA_ENUM_DEAR - Enumerate DEAR (data event address register) events


The following values are implemented for modifier on POWER 4: PAPI_PWR4_ENUM_GROUPS - Enumerate groups to which an event belongs

See Also

PAPI(3), PAPIF(3), PAPI_get_event_info(3), PAPI_event_name_to_code(3), PAPI_preset(3), PAPI_native(3)