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  • papi_command_line - executes PAPI preset or native events from the command line.


papi_command_line <event> <event> ...


papi_command_line is a PAPI utility program that adds named events from the command line to a PAPI EventSet and does some work with that EventSet. This serves as a handy way to see if events can be counted together, and if they give reasonable results for known work.


This utility has no command line options.


There are no known bugs in this utility. If you find a bug, it should be reported to the PAPI Mailing List at <>.

See Also

papi_event_chooser(1), papi_mem_info(1), papi_native_avail(1), PAPI(3), papi_avail(1), papi_clockres(1), papi_cost(1), papi_decode(1)