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AddEventSetCalling InterfacesCounter Interfaces
Data & Instruction Address RestrictionData & instruction address restrictionEmptyDestroyEventSet
ErrorHandlingExampleError HandlingEvents
InitHighLevelInitLowLevelInstalling PAPI
IntroductionIntroduction to PAPI-CLowLevel
Main PageMain pageMan1
Man3Man Page GenerationMultiplexing
MultiplexingExampleOverflow & Statistical ProfilingPAPI3:PAPI.3
PAPI3:PAPI add event.3PAPI3:PAPI attach.3
PAPI3:PAPI create eventset.3PAPI3:PAPI destroy eventset.3
PAPI3:PAPI encode events.3PAPI3:PAPI enum event.3
PAPI3:PAPI event code to name.3
PAPI3:PAPI flops.3PAPI3:PAPI get dmem info.3PAPI3:PAPI get event info.3
PAPI3:PAPI get executable info.3PAPI3:PAPI get hardware info.3
PAPI3:PAPI get opt.3PAPI3:PAPI get overflow event index.3PAPI3:PAPI get real cyc.3
PAPI3:PAPI get shared lib info.3PAPI3:PAPI get substrate info.3
PAPI3:PAPI get thr specific.3PAPI3:PAPI get virt cyc.3
PAPI3:PAPI ipc.3
PAPI3:PAPI library init.3PAPI3:PAPI list events.3PAPI3:PAPI list threads.3
PAPI3:PAPI lock.3PAPI3:PAPI multiplex init.3PAPI3:PAPI native.3
PAPI3:PAPI num counters.3PAPI3:PAPI num events.3PAPI3:PAPI num hwctrs.3
PAPI3:PAPI overflow.3PAPI3:PAPI perror.3PAPI3:PAPI presets.3
PAPI3:PAPI profil.3PAPI3:PAPI query event.3PAPI3:PAPI read.3
PAPI3:PAPI read counters.3PAPI3:PAPI register thread.3
PAPI3:PAPI remove event.3PAPI3:PAPI reset.3
PAPI3:PAPI set debug.3PAPI3:PAPI set domain.3PAPI3:PAPI set event info.3
PAPI3:PAPI set granularity.3PAPI3:PAPI set multiplex.3
PAPI3:PAPI shutdown.3PAPI3:PAPI sprofil.3
PAPI3:PAPI start.3PAPI3:PAPI start counters.3PAPI3:PAPI state.3
PAPI3:PAPI stop counters.3
PAPI3:PAPI thread id.3PAPI3:PAPI thread init.3
PAPI3:PAPI write.3PAPI3:papi avail.1
PAPI3:papi clockres.1PAPI3:papi command line.1PAPI3:papi cost.1
PAPI3:papi decode.1PAPI3:papi event chooser.1PAPI3:papi mem info.1
PAPI3:papi native avail.1PAPI3:papi xml event info.1PAPI3 man page
PAPIC:Adress RestrictionPAPIC:CDIPAPIC:Component Developers Manual
PAPIC:Component Development CookbookPAPIC:Error HandlingPAPIC:EventSets
PAPIC:EventsPAPIC:High LevelPAPIC:Low Level
PAPIC:PAPI add event.3
PAPIC:PAPI assign eventset component.3PAPIC:PAPI attach.3
PAPIC:PAPI component info tPAPIC:PAPI create eventset.3
PAPIC:PAPI destroy eventset.3PAPIC:PAPI encode events.3
PAPIC:PAPI enum event.3PAPIC:PAPI event code to name.3
PAPIC:PAPI flops.3
PAPIC:PAPI get component info.3PAPIC:PAPI get dmem info.3PAPIC:PAPI get event info.3
PAPIC:PAPI get executable info.3PAPIC:PAPI get hardware info.3
PAPIC:PAPI get opt.3PAPIC:PAPI get overflow event index.3PAPIC:PAPI get real cyc.3
PAPIC:PAPI get shared lib info.3PAPIC:PAPI get substrate info.3
PAPIC:PAPI get thr specific.3PAPIC:PAPI get virt cyc.3
PAPIC:PAPI library init.3PAPIC:PAPI list events.3PAPIC:PAPI list threads.3
PAPIC:PAPI lock.3PAPIC:PAPI multiplex init.3PAPIC:PAPI native.3
PAPIC:PAPI num components.3PAPIC:PAPI num counters.3
PAPIC:PAPI num events.3PAPIC:PAPI num hwctrs.3PAPIC:PAPI overflow.3
PAPIC:PAPI perror.3PAPIC:PAPI presets.3PAPIC:PAPI profil.3
PAPIC:PAPI query event.3PAPIC:PAPI read.3PAPIC:PAPI read counters.3
PAPIC:PAPI register thread.3PAPIC:PAPI remove event.3
PAPIC:PAPI reset.3
PAPIC:PAPI set debug.3PAPIC:PAPI set domain.3PAPIC:PAPI set event info.3
PAPIC:PAPI set granularity.3PAPIC:PAPI set multiplex.3
PAPIC:PAPI shutdown.3PAPIC:PAPI sprofil.3
PAPIC:PAPI start.3PAPIC:PAPI start counters.3PAPIC:PAPI state.3
PAPIC:PAPI stop counters.3
PAPIC:PAPI thread id.3PAPIC:PAPI thread init.3
PAPIC:PAPI write.3PAPIC:Parallel Programming
PAPIC:Preset Event DefinitionsPAPIC:ProfilingPAPIC:System Information
PAPIC:TimersPAPIC:add prog eventPAPIC:allocate registers
PAPIC:bpt map availPAPIC:bpt map exclusivePAPIC:bpt map preempt
PAPIC:bpt map setPAPIC:bpt map sharedPAPIC:bpt map update
PAPIC:cmp struct sizes tPAPIC:ctlPAPIC:dispatch timer
PAPIC:get dmem infoPAPIC:get memory infoPAPIC:get overflow address
PAPIC:get real cyclesPAPIC:get real usecPAPIC:get system info
PAPIC:get virt cyclesPAPIC:get virt usecPAPIC:init
PAPIC:init control statePAPIC:init substratePAPIC:ntv bits to info
PAPIC:ntv code to bitsPAPIC:ntv code to descrPAPIC:ntv code to name
PAPIC:ntv enum eventsPAPIC:ntv name to codePAPIC:papi avail.1
PAPIC:papi clockres.1PAPIC:papi command line.1PAPIC:papi cost.1
PAPIC:papi decode.1PAPIC:papi event chooser.1PAPIC:papi mem info.1
PAPIC:papi native avail.1PAPIC:papi vector tPAPIC:read
PAPIC:resetPAPIC:set domainPAPIC:set overflow
PAPIC:set profilePAPIC:shutdownPAPIC:shutdown global
PAPIC:startPAPIC:stopPAPIC:stop profiling
PAPIC:update control statePAPIC:update shlib infoPAPIC:user
PAPIC:writePAPIC man pagesPAPITopics:Events Per Cycle
PAPITopics:Filtering Native AvailPAPITopics:Getting StartedPAPITopics:PAPI on KVM
PAPITopics:PAPI on VMwarePAPITopics:PAPI on Virtualization PlatformsPAPITopics:PRESETS
PAPITopics:RAPL AccessPAPITopics:SandyFlopsPAPITopics:USER EVENTS
PAPITopics:Virtual PAPI PerformanceReadAccumStopCounters
StateEventsSystem InformationThreads
TimersUser GuideUser Guide References
VMWare References