PAPI 5.2.0 Now Available

This release represents a major overhaul of the component build and test architecture. We've also modified several components to disable themselves at initializaton if the proper libraries or hardware is not available. This makes configuration and distribution of PAPI much easier on heterogenous architectures.

We've also added inital support for Intel Haswell and Power 8 architectures, and moved processor support code to the components directory.

A new component allows measurement of MIC power consumption from the host processor. This complements the earlier component that read MIC power from within native MIC code.

We added a new API to the High Level Interface:
PAPI_epc() measures the rate per cycle of any event, not just instructions or flops. It also provides reference cycles and core cycles where supported, to allow you to calibrate for clock rate changes within a processor. See the man page for details.

The papi_native_avail utility now supports "include" (-i) and "exclude" (-x) filters to more easily display a subset of event names from a potentially large list. See the man page for more information.

Other Enhancements:

  • Component tests are now included with install-tests make target.
  • Components with external library dependencies load them at runtime allowing better distribution (infiniband, cuda, vmware, nvml and host-side micpower)
  • Perf_events, perfctr[_ppc] and perfmon2[_ia64] have been moved under the components directory
  • (Intel) Uncore support has been split into its own component
  • Lustre component better handles large numbers of filesystems

And there's more details on these changes in the file ChangeLogP520.txt inside the PAPI tarball.

papi-5.2.0.tar.gz   Download

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