extended by org.netlib.lapack.IEEECK

public class IEEECK
extends java.lang.Object

IEEECK is a simplified interface to the JLAPACK routine ieeeck.
This interface converts Java-style 2D row-major arrays into
the 1D column-major linearized arrays expected by the lower
level JLAPACK routines.  Using this interface also allows you
to omit offset and leading dimension arguments.  However, because
of these conversions, these routines will be slower than the low
level ones.  Following is the description from the original Fortran
source.  Contact with any questions.

* .. * * Purpose * ======= * * IEEECK is called from the ILAENV to verify that Infinity and * possibly NaN arithmetic is safe (i.e. will not trap). * * Arguments * ========= * * ISPEC (input) INTEGER * Specifies whether to test just for inifinity arithmetic * or whether to test for infinity and NaN arithmetic. * = 0: Verify infinity arithmetic only. * = 1: Verify infinity and NaN arithmetic. * * ZERO (input) REAL * Must contain the value 0.0 * This is passed to prevent the compiler from optimizing * away this code. * * ONE (input) REAL * Must contain the value 1.0 * This is passed to prevent the compiler from optimizing * away this code. * * RETURN VALUE: INTEGER * = 0: Arithmetic failed to produce the correct answers * = 1: Arithmetic produced the correct answers * * .. Local Scalars ..

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
static int IEEECK(int ispec, float zero, float one)
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Constructor Detail


public IEEECK()
Method Detail


public static int IEEECK(int ispec,
                         float zero,
                         float one)