Class Slamc3

  extended by org.netlib.lapack.Slamc3

public class Slamc3
extends java.lang.Object

Following is the description from the original
Fortran source.  For each array argument, the Java
version will include an integer offset parameter, so
the arguments may not match the description exactly.
Contact with any questions.

* .. * * Purpose * ======= * * SLAMC3 is intended to force A and B to be stored prior to doing * the addition of A and B , for use in situations where optimizers * might hold one of these in a register. * * Arguments * ========= * * A, B (input) REAL * The values A and B. * * ===================================================================== * * .. Executable Statements .. *

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
static float slamc3(float a, float b)
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Constructor Detail


public Slamc3()
Method Detail


public static float slamc3(float a,
                           float b)