Class Slas2

  extended by org.netlib.lapack.Slas2

public class Slas2
extends java.lang.Object

Following is the description from the original
Fortran source.  For each array argument, the Java
version will include an integer offset parameter, so
the arguments may not match the description exactly.
Contact with any questions.

* .. * * Purpose * ======= * * SLAS2 computes the singular values of the 2-by-2 matrix * [ F G ] * [ 0 H ]. * On return, SSMIN is the smaller singular value and SSMAX is the * larger singular value. * * Arguments * ========= * * F (input) REAL * The (1,1) element of the 2-by-2 matrix. * * G (input) REAL * The (1,2) element of the 2-by-2 matrix. * * H (input) REAL * The (2,2) element of the 2-by-2 matrix. * * SSMIN (output) REAL * The smaller singular value. * * SSMAX (output) REAL * The larger singular value. * * Further Details * =============== * * Barring over/underflow, all output quantities are correct to within * a few units in the last place (ulps), even in the absence of a guard * digit in addition/subtraction. * * In IEEE arithmetic, the code works correctly if one matrix element is * infinite. * * Overflow will not occur unless the largest singular value itself * overflows, or is within a few ulps of overflow. (On machines with * partial overflow, like the Cray, overflow may occur if the largest * singular value is within a factor of 2 of overflow.) * * Underflow is harmless if underflow is gradual. Otherwise, results * may correspond to a matrix modified by perturbations of size near * the underflow threshold. * * ==================================================================== * * .. Parameters ..

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
static void slas2(float f, float g, float h, floatW ssmin, floatW ssmax)
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Constructor Detail


public Slas2()
Method Detail


public static void slas2(float f,
                         float g,
                         float h,
                         floatW ssmin,
                         floatW ssmax)