MAGMA  2.3.0
Matrix Algebra for GPU and Multicore Architectures
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Convert MAGMA constants to AMD clBLAS constants. More...


clblasOrder clblas_order_const (magma_order_t magma_const)
clblasTranspose clblas_trans_const (magma_trans_t magma_const)
clblasUplo clblas_uplo_const (magma_uplo_t magma_const)
clblasDiag clblas_diag_const (magma_diag_t magma_const)
clblasSide clblas_side_const (magma_side_t magma_const)

Detailed Description

Convert MAGMA constants to AMD clBLAS constants.

Available if HAVE_clBLAS was defined when MAGMA was compiled. TODO: we do not currently provide inverse converters (clBLAS => MAGMA).

Function Documentation

clblasOrder clblas_order_const ( magma_order_t  magma_const)
Return values
clblasRowMajorif magma_const = MagmaRowMajor
clblasColumnMajorif magma_const = MagmaColMajor
clblasTranspose clblas_trans_const ( magma_trans_t  magma_const)
Return values
clblasNoTransif magma_const = MagmaNoTrans
clblasTransif magma_const = MagmaTrans
clblasConjTransif magma_const = MagmaConjTrans
clblasUplo clblas_uplo_const ( magma_uplo_t  magma_const)
Return values
clblasUpperif magma_const = MagmaUpper
clblasLowerif magma_const = MagmaLower
clblasDiag clblas_diag_const ( magma_diag_t  magma_const)
Return values
clblasNonUnitif magma_const = MagmaNonUnit
clblasUnitif magma_const = MagmaUnit
clblasSide clblas_side_const ( magma_side_t  magma_const)
Return values
clblasLeftif magma_const = MagmaLeft
clblasRightif magma_const = MagmaRight