MAGMA  2.3.0
Matrix Algebra for GPU and Multicore Architectures
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Convert LAPACK character constants to MAGMA constants. More...


magma_bool_t magma_bool_const (char lapack_char)
magma_order_t magma_order_const (char lapack_char)
magma_trans_t magma_trans_const (char lapack_char)
magma_uplo_t magma_uplo_const (char lapack_char)
magma_diag_t magma_diag_const (char lapack_char)
magma_side_t magma_side_const (char lapack_char)
magma_norm_t magma_norm_const (char lapack_char)
magma_dist_t magma_dist_const (char lapack_char)
magma_sym_t magma_sym_const (char lapack_char)
magma_pack_t magma_pack_const (char lapack_char)
magma_vec_t magma_vec_const (char lapack_char)
magma_range_t magma_range_const (char lapack_char)
magma_vect_t magma_vect_const (char lapack_char)
magma_direct_t magma_direct_const (char lapack_char)
magma_storev_t magma_storev_const (char lapack_char)

Detailed Description

Convert LAPACK character constants to MAGMA constants.

This is a one-to-many mapping, requiring multiple translators (e.g., "N" can be NoTrans or NonUnit or NoVec). Matching is case-insensitive.

Function Documentation

magma_bool_t magma_bool_const ( char  lapack_char)
Return values
MagmaFalseif lapack_char = 'N'
MagmaTrueif lapack_char = 'Y'
magma_order_t magma_order_const ( char  lapack_char)
Return values
MagmaRowMajorif lapack_char = 'R'
MagmaColMajorif lapack_char = 'C'
magma_trans_t magma_trans_const ( char  lapack_char)
Return values
MagmaNoTransif lapack_char = 'N'
MagmaTransif lapack_char = 'T'
MagmaConjTransif lapack_char = 'C'
magma_uplo_t magma_uplo_const ( char  lapack_char)
Return values
MagmaUpperif lapack_char = 'U'
MagmaLowerif lapack_char = 'L'
magma_diag_t magma_diag_const ( char  lapack_char)
Return values
MagmaNonUnitif lapack_char = 'N'
MagmaUnitif lapack_char = 'U'
magma_side_t magma_side_const ( char  lapack_char)
Return values
MagmaLeftif lapack_char = 'L'
MagmaRightif lapack_char = 'R'
MagmaBothSidesif lapack_char = 'B'
magma_norm_t magma_norm_const ( char  lapack_char)
Return values
MagmaOneNormif lapack_char = '1' or 'O'
MagmaTwoNormif lapack_char = '2'
MagmaFrobeniusNormif lapack_char = 'F' or 'E'
MagmaInfNormif lapack_char = 'I'
MagmaMaxNormif lapack_char = 'M'
magma_dist_t magma_dist_const ( char  lapack_char)
Return values
MagmaDistUniformif lapack_char = 'U'
MagmaDistSymmetricif lapack_char = 'S'
MagmaDistNormalif lapack_char = 'N'
magma_sym_t magma_sym_const ( char  lapack_char)
Return values
MagmaHermGeevif lapack_char = 'H'
MagmaHermPoevif lapack_char = 'P'
MagmaNonsymPosvif lapack_char = 'N'
MagmaSymPosvif lapack_char = 'S'
magma_pack_t magma_pack_const ( char  lapack_char)
Return values
MagmaNoPackingif lapack_char = 'N'
MagmaPackSubdiagif lapack_char = 'U'
MagmaPackSupdiagif lapack_char = 'L'
MagmaPackColumnif lapack_char = 'C'
MagmaPackRowif lapack_char = 'R'
MagmaPackLowerBandif lapack_char = 'B'
MagmaPackUpeprBandif lapack_char = 'Q'
MagmaPackAllif lapack_char = 'Z'
magma_vec_t magma_vec_const ( char  lapack_char)
Return values
MagmaNoVecif lapack_char = 'N'
MagmaVecif lapack_char = 'V'
MagmaIVecif lapack_char = 'I'
MagmaAllVecif lapack_char = 'A'
MagmaSomeVecif lapack_char = 'S'
MagmaOverwriteVecif lapack_char = 'O'
magma_range_t magma_range_const ( char  lapack_char)
Return values
MagmaRangeAllif lapack_char = 'A'
MagmaRangeVif lapack_char = 'V'
MagmaRangeIif lapack_char = 'I'
magma_vect_t magma_vect_const ( char  lapack_char)
Return values
MagmaQif lapack_char = 'Q'
MagmaPif lapack_char = 'P'
magma_direct_t magma_direct_const ( char  lapack_char)
Return values
MagmaForwardif lapack_char = 'F'
MagmaBackwardif lapack_char = 'B'
magma_storev_t magma_storev_const ( char  lapack_char)
Return values
MagmaColumnwiseif lapack_char = 'C'
MagmaRowwiseif lapack_char = 'R'