MAGMA  2.3.0
Matrix Algebra for GPU and Multicore Architectures
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double-complex precision


magma_int_t magma_zlobpcg (magma_z_matrix A, magma_z_solver_par *solver_par, magma_z_preconditioner *precond_par, magma_queue_t queue)
 Solves an eigenvalue problem. More...

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magma_int_t magma_zlobpcg ( magma_z_matrix  A,
magma_z_solver_par *  solver_par,
magma_z_preconditioner *  precond_par,
magma_queue_t  queue 

Solves an eigenvalue problem.

A * X = evalues X

where A is a complex sparse matrix stored in the GPU memory. X and B are complex vectors stored on the GPU memory.

This is a GPU implementation of the LOBPCG method.

This method allocates all required memory space inside the routine. Also, the memory is not allocated as one big chunk, but seperatly for the different blocks. This allows to use texture also for large matrices.

[in]Amagma_z_matrix input matrix A
[in,out]solver_parmagma_z_solver_par* solver parameters
[in,out]precond_parmagma_z_precond_par* preconditioner parameters
[in]queuemagma_queue_t Queue to execute in.