PULSAR  1.0.0
Parallel Ultra Light Systolic Array Runtime
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Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
oCprt_channel_sVDP's data channel Implements a data link between a pair of VDPs. Identifies the source and destination VDPs by tuples. Contains a list of data packets, protected by a spinlock
oCprt_config_sPRT configuration
oCprt_packet_sVDP's data packet A packet of data transferred through VDP's channels
oCprt_proxy_sVSA's communication proxy Serves communication requests from the worker threads. Contains a list of recv requests from each worker thread. Contains a list of send requests from each worker thread
oCprt_request_sVSA proxy's communication request Contains basic information about the communication request. Contains the MPI request
oCprt_thread_sVSA's worker thread Owns a number of VDPs. Knows the communication proxy
oCprt_vdp_sVirtual Data Processor (VDP) Is uniquely identified by a tuple. Fires for a predefined number of cycles. Has a fixed number of input and output channels. Has a persistent local store
\Cprt_vsa_sVirtual Systolic Array (VSA) VSA contains global informationa about the system, a local communication proxy and an array of local worker threads