PULSAR  2.0.0
Parallel Ultra-Light Systolic Array Runtime
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File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
o*cuda_stubs.cStubs for a no-CUDA build
o*cuda_stubs.hStubs for a no-CUDA build
o*gpu_malloc.cSimple device memory allocator
o*gpu_malloc.hSimple device memory allocator
o*icl_deque.cThread-safe double-ended queue
o*icl_deque.hThread-safe double-ended queue
o*icl_hash.cDependency-free hash table
o*icl_hash.hDependency-free hash table
o*icl_list.cDependency-free linked list
o*icl_list.hDependency-free linked list
o*mpi_stubs.cStubs for a no-MPI build
o*mpi_stubs.hStubs for a no-MPI build
o*prt.hPULSAR Runtime (PRT)
o*prt_assert.cPRT exception handling
o*prt_assert.hPRT exception handling
o*prt_callback.cPRT callback
o*prt_callback.hPRT callback
o*prt_channel.cPRT data channel
o*prt_channel.hPRT data channel
o*prt_config.cPRT configuration
o*prt_config.hPRT configuration
o*prt_device.cPRT device
o*prt_device.hPRT device
o*prt_packet.cPRT data packet
o*prt_packet.hPRT data packet
o*prt_proxy.cPRT communication proxy
o*prt_proxy.hPRT communication proxy
o*prt_request.cPRT communication request
o*prt_request.hPRT communication request
o*prt_thread.cPRT thread
o*prt_thread.hPRT thread
o*prt_transfer.cPRT local transfer
o*prt_transfer.hPRT local transfer
o*prt_tuple.cPRT tuple
o*prt_tuple.hPRT tuple
o*prt_vdp.cVirtual Data Processor
o*prt_vdp.hVirtual Data Processor
o*prt_vsa.cVirtual Systolic Array
o*prt_vsa.hVirtual Systolic Array
o*svg_trace.cSVG tracing
\*svg_trace.hSVG tracing