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Parallel Ultra Light Systolic Array Runtime
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prt_config.c File Reference

PRT configuration. More...

#include "prt_config.h"
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prt_config_tprt_config_new ()
 config object constructor More...
void prt_config_delete (prt_config_t *config)
 config object destructor More...

Detailed Description

PRT configuration.

Jakub Kurzak

PULSAR Runtime http://icl.eecs.utk.edu/pulsar/ Copyright (C) 2012-2013 University of Tennessee.

Definition in file prt_config.c.

Function Documentation

void prt_config_delete ( prt_config_t config)

config object destructor


Definition at line 39 of file prt_config.c.

40 {
41  // Free the config object.
42  free(config);
43 }

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prt_config_t* prt_config_new ( )

config object constructor

new config object with default values

Definition at line 19 of file prt_config.c.

References prt_assert, PRT_SVG_TRACING_OFF, PRT_VDP_SCHEDULING_AGGRESSIVE, and prt_config_s::vdp_scheduling.

20 {
21  // Allocate the config object.
22  prt_config_t *config = (prt_config_t*)malloc(sizeof(prt_config_t));
23  prt_assert(config != NULL, "malloc failed");
25  // Set the defaults.
29  // Return the config object.
30  return config;
31 }
PRT configuration.
Definition: prt_config.h:41
#define prt_assert(cond, msg)
Definition: prt_assert.h:30
int vdp_scheduling
Definition: prt_config.h:42

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